Thursday, March 11, 2010

Name That Tune!

Send in the Clowns

My Funny Valentine

Among the things I have been working on this week are two dolls for the 2010 TAODA challenge, "Name That Tune." The challenge is to take a favorite song or piece of music and create a doll. Since galleries are especially interested in shows that can be hung on the wall, TAODA members are asked to consider wall hanging dolls in addition to standing ones as we create our new dolls.

My selections aren't necessarily my "favorite" songs, but were selected based on some dolls and doll parts I had on hand. The deadline for the challenge is the March TAODA meeting this Saturday and I am running out of time! The first doll was quite honestly inspired by a large Valentine box of chocolates from my husband. A few years back I had made some small "Altoid Sweetheart" dolls using heart shaped Altoid boxes for the torsos and adding a head, arms and legs. I happened to have an extra set of finished head, arms and legs on hand, so I decided to use them along with a red satin heart box for the torso and some Valentine trims from my stash. I attached the doll to the lid from the box of chocolates, added a hanging cord to the back and named her, "My Funny Valentine"!

A second entry for the challenge I call, "Send in the Clowns." I have two colorful Cirque du Soleil type white face clowns that I created last year and that no one had seen. I changed the accessories to some I liked better and sewed a plastic ring on the back of each doll so that they can hang together on the wall. I have included photos of the two "Name That Tune" challenge dolls above. The clowns are on stands in the photo and I will include these with the dolls if/when purchased.

I'm also working on a commission piece this week that is just about finished. It is for my excellent web designer, Kim Baxley. Kim is a very talented lady who is an artist and a cloth doll maker among her other creative endeavors. More importantly, she and her husband rescue Dachshunds that have been abused and/or abandoned. Kim recently completed a Dachshund doll that she plans to auction on Ebay and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Kentucky Dachshund Rescue Program. The piece I am working on will honor Kim's efforts in the rescue of these little doxies. I'll post a photo after Kim has received her doll.

I'm also continuing to enjoy working with my buttons as time allows. I want to try making some different things with them including necklaces and earrings, etc. My husband has just confessed to me that another 17 lbs. of vintage buttons are on the way from another winning bid on Ebay! I won't complain, though, as the cost is very reasonable and he promises....once again....that there won't be any more bidding on buttons. : ) I'm finding them to be very interesting and beautiful and fun to play with......and who knows what antique treasures I might find!

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Hello sweet Joyce!!! your dollies are so delightful as always and colorful too!!!