Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bluebonnet Bebe Doll Show Display

Addy's Sewing Room

Happy 1st Day of Spring! It looks like the last cold front of winter is heading this way today and then, hopefully, we will move into spring here on the Texas coast.

I want to share with you a photo I received from my friend, Rhnee Hicks, who was gifted with a custom doll made by me a few years ago from her sister, Renita. Rhnee is an expert seamstress and teaches sewing. She especially loves to work with young girls to teach them the important skill of sewing. She is also a member of UFDC and works diligently with the Junior Collector Program to get young girls interested in collecting dolls.

This past weekend the UFDC doll club, Bluebonnet Bebes, held their annual doll show in Houston. Rhnee put together a delightful display for the show called, "Addy's Sewing Room," and sent a photo to show me how she had incorporated her custom doll in the scene (on the left) to represent the "teacher." I'm just delighted and thought you might enjoy seeing her display also.

Enjoy the day!


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